API Security and Zero Trust for On-Premise, Cloud, Mobile, and IoT


"After evaluating various web services security gateways, we concluded that Forum Sentry is the best fit for Amazon.com. Its rigorous payload enforcement, comprehensive feature set and rich administration tools make it invaluable for companies that are serious about web services."

- Larry Hughes, Amazon.com Security

"We will use Forum to provide PGP encryption over FTP for both XML and non-XML data."

"Our Information Gateway is intrinsic to doing business with our business partners and application service providers; security is at the forefront of our efforts. In the immediate term, we will use Forum to provide PGP encryption over FTP for both XML and non-XML data. And in the long term, we plan to use the Forum Sentry device for digital signatures, XML encryption, and audit database capabilities."

- Rollin Shank, Chief Architect

"Forum Systems, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, has the best Web services security switch on the market today. The Forum products work together to protect Web service applications from content violations, unapproved access and poorly formed protocol messages. The high-speed performance of the Forum Systems solution gives the vendor a sustaining advantage"

- Yankee Group Report Application Gateways Secure Business Communications Report August 2004 by Eric Ogren

"While some gateways are offered in appliance and software-only form factors, Forum adds a third form factor, PCI card, and it packages its XML firewall as a separate product, XWall, from its XML security gateway, Sentry. Multiple products and form factors provide flexibility for user deployment and for Forum's adaptation to future market changes. In addition, Forum has competitive functionality across most of our evaluation criteria."

- Randy Heffner, Vice President , Forrester

"After months of rigorous testing in our lab, the product [Forum Sentry 1504 2.0] met more of our expectations than did its competitors, with the added bonus of providing configuration and management utilities that require virtually no specialized knowledge."

"This product [Forum Sentry 1504 2.0] highlights the company's maturity in the XML arena, with its hierarchical, GUI-based method of identifying documents based on any element or element value within XML."

"Sentry was one of only three to maintain performance at a zero-failure-tolerance levels while performing encryption."

"It also supports [rather than associate a policy with a port] the product's unique ability to provide signatures and encryption based on dynamic values, including use credentials."

"Forum Sentry stands out for its comprehensive XML Web services security solution. The Sentry 1500 was the only XML firewall appliance in 2002 that validated, secured, switched and transformed XML files."

- David Greenfield, International Technology Editor, Network Magazine

"Forum Systems is one of the leading vendors focused on XML and Web services security. Forum offers a comprehensive security architecture, allowing customers to leverage their existing infrastructure while building security into their XML and Web services capabilities both at the application and at the edge of the network. Forum continues to be a thought leader in this space. We look forward to future important developments from this company."

- Jason Bloomberg, senior analyst at ZapThink LLC

"Security is the critical, necessary component to be able to implement XML and Web Services in a usiness environment. As such, Forum's security offerings, especially their PGP suite, will help to make enterprise business-to-business and internal integration based on emerging standards a reality."

-Ronald Schmelzer, senior analyst, ZapThink LLC

"Over $100 million has been invested in Web services security and XML network infrastructure companies. Since its launch in 2002, Forum has led the vision for this market. Every company serious about Web services will evaluate security solutions like Forum."

- Joe Gfoeller, GMG Partner

"Web services are the next wave of networked applications. Protecting XML transactions at the gateway will be the most effective way to instill controls over a completely open protocol that today's firewalls will just pass on through."

- Richard Stiennon, Vice President of Research, Gartner Inc.

"There are many moving parts to content-level security such as updating new specifications and standards, maintenance of primitive encryption material, personalization of security rules and integrating security policies across infrastructures. IT data-centers are looking for best-in-class gear with specialized management capabilities for hassle-free, rapid deployments."

- Pete Lindstrom, CISSP, Research Director, Spire Security, LLC.

"Securing XML communications and servers becomes more critical as a larger number of enterprises deploy XML Web Services. Forum Systems' unique solution provides companies with complete confidence that their web services and servers are secure."

- Sterling Wharton, President and CEO, 14 South Networks

Salt Lake City's Forum Systems has won Network Computing Magazine's Editors' Choice Award for Best XML Web services security gateway.

"All told, Forum ... is one of the brightest stars in Utah's tech constellation."

"So the geniuses at Forum identified this as a significant problem [XML as flexible data that is easily hacked] and figured out how to fix it; hence, the industry awards and the latest round of funding."