API Security and Zero Trust for On-Premise, Cloud, Mobile, and IoT

Management Team

Forum Systems is a wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks, Inc. We are a fully employee-owned company with no VC dependencies and have recognized profitable year over year growth since 2008. Our management team oversees global operations and ensures industry-leading technology and sustained engineering in a fast-moving industry where only the best and most dedicated can thrive. Together, we deliver solutions for deploying robust, resilient, secure and reliable services. Our integrated, holistic product suite streamlines and optimizes resources throughout the service lifecycle, ensuring reduced time-to-market and more rapid return on investment.


Mamoon Yunus, CEO

Mr. Yunus is an industry-honored CEO and visionary in Web Services-based technologies. As the founder of Forum Systems, Mr. Yunus pioneered Web Services Security Gateways & Firewalls. He has spearheaded Forum's direction and strategy for six generations of award-winning Web Services Security products. Prior to Forum Systems, Mr. Yunus was a Global Systems Engineer for webMethods (NASD: WEBM) where he developed XML-based business integration and architecture plans for Global 2000 companies such as GE, Pepsi, Siemens, and Mass Mutual. He has held various high-level executive positions at Informix (acquired by IBM) and Cambridge Technology Group. Mr. Yunus holds two Graduate Degrees in Engineering from MIT and a BSME from Georgia Institute of Technology. InfoWorld recognized Mr. Yunus as one of 4 "Up and coming CTOs to watch in 2004." He is a sought after speaker at industry conferences such as RSA, Gartner, Web Services Edge, CSI, Network Interop, and Microsoft TechEd. Mr. Yunus has the distinction of showcasing Forum Systems' entrepreneurial leadership as a case study at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He has also been featured on CNBC as Terry Bradshaw's "Pick of the Week.".


Jason Macy, CTO

Jason Macy is the Chief Technical Officer responsible for innovation and product strategy for global operations. Jason has been on the front-lines of the SOA security and testing industry for over 10 years and consistently brings real-world solutions to the sustained engineering intiatives ensuring that the product technology continues to lead the industry and provide out-of-the box product technology solutions to hundreds of industry use-cases. With experience from virtually every vertical industry sector, Jason has helped to evolve the product technology platform to be the global leader in FIPS 140-2 SOA security.

Jason also oversees the technologies for enterprise-class testing and simulation products which comprise many of the same fundamental aspects of SOA-based transaction technologies embedded within commercial products designed for testing and simulation. Client simulation and service simuation enable robust testing, validation, emulation, on-ramping, and performance assessment while greatly reducing the costs and complexities of realizing service based architecture deployments.

Earlier in his career, Jason worked as the lead architect for Raytheon and was responsible for deployment, acceptance testing, and successful commissioning of the Air Traffic Control system currently in use at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, Holland.

Jason holds dual-degrees in both Computer Science and Computer Engineering.


Rizwan Mallal, VP Operations

Rizwan Mallal serves as the Vice President of Operations at Crosscheck Networks, Inc. As a founding member and Chief Security Architect of Forum Systems, the wholly owned subsidiary of Crosscheck Networks, Rizwan was responsible for all security related aspects of Forum's technology.

Rizwan is also an advisor to Rumson Group, an alternative investment advisor and fund of funds.

Previously, Rizwan was the Chief Architect at Phobos where he was responsible for developing the industry's first embedded SSL offloader. This product triggered Phobos's acquisition by Sonicwall (NASD: SNWL). Before joining Phobos, he was member of the core engineering group at Raptor Systems which pioneered the Firewall/VPN space in the mid 1990s. Raptor after its successful IPO in 1996 was later acquired by Axent/Symantec (NASD:SYMC).

Rizwan started his career at Cambridge Technology Partners (acquired by Novell) where he was the technical lead in the client/server group.

Rizwan has a BSc. in Computer Science from Albright College and MSc. in Computer Science from University of Vermont.


Bruce Herron, Director of Sales

Bruce Herron is the Director of Sales for global operations. Bruce has a significant amount of experience in enterprise sales and customer support. While at Xerox Bruce was the National Account Manager for companies like Microsoft, Boeing and Nordstrom. He understands the unique business requirements of major industry vertical markets such as: Manufacturing, Aerospace, Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Insurance and Banking. In 1997 Bruce was a member of the Malcom Baldridge National Quality Award team for Xerox Business Services, In addition he was recognized Nationally for his efforts in maintaining a high level of Customer Satisfaction.

As a member of the Forum Systems initial sales team Bruce was instrumental in establishing many of our legacy accounts. He has been the Director of Sales for over five years. He is responsible for direct sales as well as for maintaining our partner relationships and channel.

Bruce holds a degree in Psychology/Quantitative Methods as well as post graduate studies in business administration.